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Chick Peas

This legume has gained popularity in Kenya with more and more farmers taking to its cultivation in dry land areas and dry highlands due to its hardiness. This crop which uses low moisture during short rains has positive uptake by over 900 farmers from Molo, Machakos, Garaba, Koibatek and Naivasha. A collaborative effort between smart logistics solutions and various partners has intensified cultivation of high yielding chickpea. The results are superb with grain yield of over 4 tons per hectare.



The new cash crop bringing cheers to farmers is a performer in semi arid areas. Smart logistics is working farmers in Eastern Kenya whose pieces of  land were wasted away two years ago. Rose Mutuku, one of the directors (SLS) led the trials two years ago, “we assist the farmers right from land preparation, crop management, harvesting, post-harvest and handing to markets” Says Mrs. Mutuku. “Such commitment to good agronomic practice has propelled us in the Asia and Europe markets.



Finger millet is a very important crop in Western Kenya with over 1,500 farmers cultivating it both commercially and subsistence. In Kenya we grow the butrosh, finger, foxtail and proso at a production capacity of 20,000MT from 100,000 hectares.



Sorghum is one of the most important cereals in the semi and tropics of Kenya. We grow it in the often drought-prone marginal agricultural areas of Eastern, Nyanza and Coast provinces. The value addition properties of this crop are extensively from porridge floor, to brewing and animal fodder with a yield of 3,000Kg per hectare, more than 50,000 hectare is dedicated to the cultivation of this crop.



Frejols is Smart logistics value added products. It is simply a “Smart” product, free from additives, preservatives, sugars, or artificial ingredients.

Imagine having your corn and beans in five minutes, a precooked product that promotes optimal health, increased longevity and a sustained quality of life. That is what Frejols is. It’s affordable, convenient and Healthy, ideal for the city dweller who will barely have the time to cook or a resource constrained household in the arid areas who would not even know where to get firewood to cook just a 30minutes cook time meal.

This innovation was designed to improve livelihoods, by enhancing food security.

Our range of products include

  • Precooked beans
  • Precooked bean flour
  • Precooked maize
  • Precooked dolichos
  • Precooked pegion pea
  • Precooked pop bean







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