Transforming Agribusiness
The Grain Bulking Centre, Machakos Rd
+254 20 2644533 / +254 702 644 921
  • Creating equitable structured marketing systems that competitively promote agricultural products;
  • Building sustainable relationships that nurture inclusive growth and profitability;
  • Continuously developing innovative technologies to guarantee timely and quality supply;
  • Transforming our business systems to assure effective co-ordination and communication;
  • Establishing a green supply chain compliant with global environmental, social and economic standards.

In partnership with smallholder farmers, we intend to help transform agribusiness systems in the region through: -

  • Production, aggregation and transporting of farm products to customers
  • Processing grains and root crops food, animal feed and nonfood industries
  • Distributing finished products to consumers
  • Processing sorghum and cassava to produce ethanol and starch
  • Manufacturing products that support food processors, humanitarian agencies and other commercial customers;
  • Supporting smallholder farmers to participate in large
    commercial markets.


University of Nairobi